Grant Opportunity- $250,000 Sponsored by Living Social and Chase Bank

 What is the Grant?  What is the Grant Pool?

Chase has designated a minimum of $1 million and a maximum of $3 million (“Grant Pool“), with funds to be awarded to at least four (4) and up to  twelve (12) small business owners (“Grant Recipient(s)“), each Grant Recipient to receive $250,000 (“Grant“), selected in accordance with these Program Rules. The Grant Pool will be at least $1 million ($250,000 to each of four (4) Grant Recipients), and may be increased by an additional $2 million – up to a maximum of $3 million (each additional $250,000 increasing by one (1) the number of potential Grant Recipients) based on consumer participation in the Program. To be considered as a potential Grant Recipient, small businesses must submit the Application, be deemed eligible and receive at least 250 Votes, all as described below.   The purpose of the Grant is to enable a small business to execute a business plan that will result in expansion and growth of the small business, including for example, a new location, equipment, product or distribution channel.

To be eligible, you must meet all of the requirements below:

  • be a for-profit only organization organized and resident in the fifty (50) United States or the District of Columbia;
  • have been actively engaged in its current business activity for at least two (2) consecutive years immediately preceding the start of the Program;
  • be owned by natural persons who are  legal residents of the fifty (50) United States or the District of Columbia, and who are at least eighteen (18) years old (or as required by the laws in your state of residence)(Note:  A sole-proprietor shall be deemed a business and not a consumer for purposes of the Program);
  • have a valid employer identification number or taxpayer identification number;
  • employ less than one hundred (100) employees for the duration of the Program;
  • not be owned by an employee of Sponsors or  a company  wholly owned by  a Sponsor or Sponsor’s parent company (an “affiliate“); and
  • produce evidence of the foregoing upon request.

In the Application, you will be asked to provide, at a minimum, the following information:

  • business owner name;
  • business email and phone number;
  • business entity type (e.g., sole proprietor, partnership, corporation)and state of domicile;
  • years in business;
  • purpose of business;
  • number of employees ;
  • an Essay answering the questions described below detailing why you are applying for and how you would use the Grant; and
  • such other information requested by Sponsor to verify eligibility in accordance with the Program Rules.

If you believe your small business is eligible and wish to apply for a Grant, you must do the following:

  • visit the Program Registration site at and provide your business name and information, business address, industry type as well as contact name, title and email address, which will be posted on the Program Website;
  • read and agree to these Program Rules with the intent to be bound by its terms even if you are later found to be ineligible;
  • complete the Application and submit your Application;
  • obtain at least 250 Votes; and
  • be deemed eligible by the Sponsors.

Deadline: June 30th, 2012



About CWIB Network

Chic Women in Business was founded for Women in Charge of there lives, family, careers and most importantly themselves. Our Mission is to Network and bring women together whom are in Business for themselves with other women who are on the same accord.
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