Act like a Lady, Network like a Man

     Gisele L. Kennedy, PYT

Part IV

Working on your confidence is just as hard in business as it is in your personal life, so don’t worry if it doesn’t happen overnight.   Getting off your pretty little MIT duff and starting your own business didn’t either did it?  Take your time and keep practicing!  Remember, after a while it will be second nature and you‘ll be a pro.  Don’t worry.  Just in case you need it, I have faith in you!  You can do this.

What else can you do to fine tune your ability to network like a pro you may ask?   First, let’s take a look at ourselves and those that we are close to.  Usually we like to be around people that are like us.  Men are no different!  We like to be around people who think like us, share our values and who like to do the same things as us, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  What is wrong however, is that we do not use that to our advantage when we are thinking about how we are going to establish and build our brands.  Remember, no wo(man) is an island, and often times having a bit of help goes a LONG way.  Confident, effective networking ladies, sometimes means that you understand when to call in the troops.  The “troops” being that group of people we just described above who may be in a position to…Gasp…help!

I was recently having a discussion with one of my very best friends.  We are in distinctly different professions but often listen to one another “vent” about our own.  She is also in the process of moving into a very lovely brand new home and proposed the idea of having a girls night/get together/housewarming.  Well you know me, I’m learning how to network right along with you ladies, so I had this brilliant idea (you will note that Ill have a lot of those;)!

After completing a university nursing program with many of her classmates living close by, then working as a nurse for a major hospital, enduring a few more years of grad school and now having worked two positions as a nurse practitioner, my friend, just by circumstance, has created quite an extensive and diverse network for herself.   Just like that and she hadn’t really even considered it!   Not only that, but we have a few other friends who work in other aspets of the medical field such as pharmacy, epidemiology and medical physics.  I casually suggested that she create a quartlery nurses network, where she and her peers, in addition to other members of the medical community, could get together to discuss job leads, academic positions and opportunities, share ideas and to discuss their industry in general.  Sounds awesome right?  Almost sounds like an “old nurse’s network”!

This type of event and it can happen as often as you would like, applies to any genre or field, especially as it relates to the business community.  All it takes is a group of like-minded people, a few drinks and a little bit to eat and voila!   You have created your own little networking party to share ideas, swap stories, inform others about job leads and most importantly, meet a few more people who now know what YOU are about and what YOU have to offer.

I already know that many of you know how to throw a good party!   Just remember that this isn’t just an excuse for you and your besties to get together.  This is an event for you to practice putting yourself out there, to share concepts and ideas, develop skills for growth and to build a network of people who can share your information with others and possibly help you in the future.

I’ll be expecting to hear how you razzled and dazzled at YOUR next networking event.


About CWIB Network

Chic Women in Business was founded for Women in Charge of there lives, family, careers and most importantly themselves. Our Mission is to Network and bring women together whom are in Business for themselves with other women who are on the same accord.
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4 Responses to Act like a Lady, Network like a Man

  1. Single parent says:

    Are you a life coach?..I a single parent of two girls and always had ambition to start my own bussiness; but I work and run a full house with a hectic shedule…where do I begin? I have a circle of like-minded people..I have the confidence but do I have what it takes to go for it..I’m pretty sure I don’t stand alone…Help a single parent out!!!!

    • Gisele L. Kennedy says:

      Hi Single Parent, thank you so much for your comment. I am not a life coach in the truest sense of the word, but as my bio notes, I am all about you being the best YOU want to be. If I can help you, no matter who you are, I will try. I’m working on me too:). We are going to take a bit of time to really think about your question and offer some strategies to help you get started without sacraficing to much of your family life. In the meantime, start brainstorming on where you think you have pockets of time to dedicate to your dream. Good luck and come back soon for our response.

  2. Single parent says:

    Thanks for your response…I’m always brainstorming and trying to incorpate my busy life with my bussiness savy?..I was told by a millionair that I once met; that “in order to succeed one must first fail; without failure there is no room for success.” Most get imidated when one fails.which hances us from tryng again…That’s were confidence comes in?..I look forward to hearing from youand working out the game plan of strageties for success.

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