Introducing: CWIB Freelance Blogger, Gisele Kennedy

Gisele L. Kennedy

Born in 1985, Gisele L. Kennedy has often thought of herself as savvy in many ways…  SCRREEECH!  That’s not true!  As a matter of fact, neither statement is true but that is beside the point.   What is true is that sometimes, despite our best efforts, beliefs and/or goals, we always need a little bit of help along the way.  As a result of that understanding, I’ve always been on a quest to be better, do better and to help others do the same, no matter where I am starting from or what my goal or end result may be.  That is the core of who I am, period.

However, as we move away from that core you will know that I am a graduate of Hampton University where I initially studied History Education.  From there, I have had a wealth of wonderful experiences, although mostly simple, that have helped to nurture my buried entrepreneurial spirit leading me to connect with Chic Women in Business. After studying Urban Planning in my hometown at Virginia Commonwealth University, my vision began to unfold.  I am eager to start a Landscape Architecture program in the fall, which is one of the many steps in the right direction to pursuing my ultimate dream.  I currently work in commercial lending for a small community development bank in Washington, D.C., which is also a piece of my little dream puzzle.  What I hope to accomplish in sharing with you is to entertain, inform, inspire and help nurture your entrepreneurial spirit as well.  I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to getting to know you!


About CWIB Network

Chic Women in Business was founded for Women in Charge of there lives, family, careers and most importantly themselves. Our Mission is to Network and bring women together whom are in Business for themselves with other women who are on the same accord.
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  1. CWIB Network says:

    Check us out and enjoy yourselves!

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